About Us

Our mission

to abolish the stigma of shame that surrounds recovery.


Hi. I'm Robin.

I've wanted to do something to help with addictions and recovery since I was a kid. It affected my life in the not so nice way that it tends to. Even though I didn't have an addiction, I saw friends and family struggle with it.

I wanted to do something about it. Well, a few years ago I did. I made a recovery app that people love. After helping thousands of people I felt like I wanted to help them communicate and connect; so I started a sober community where everyone is free to discuss recovery with peers. I wanted to do something more. Something tangible, but I didn't know what.

It was a hot, summer day and I was walking through town looking for any place that served water with ice. I spotted a new t-shirt shop that had opened and got distracted. I love t-shirts and a few days ago I saw people posting about about a shirt that had 'sober' printed on the front. I wanted a shirt like that. I wanted to show my support for the sober lifestyle and I wanted to show it to the world.

So I rushed into the store and asked the owner if he had anything like that in stock. He didn't and I spent the next few days looking everywhere for that t-shirt. I was disappointed - I couldn't find anything that I liked.

I got started on Sober Trend. I partnered with designers, manufacturers and warehouses. This is my way of bringing something tangible and meaningful into the world.

"Sobriety is an achievement that should be celebrated! A person in recovery should be proud of it, not ashamed" - that's the thought that started Sober Trend.