The Mondays


Today is Thursday, but there's another day I'm writing about: Monday.

I've noticed a very obvious pattern since I've started getting involved in the sober community. Mondays are the worst! Not in a "Ugh, the weekend is over" way, but in a "I just relapsed and blacked out the entire weekend" way.

Besides Sober Trend, I started two other initiatives:


What inspired me of the online format was the global exposure. If done right, my initiatives could reach thousands, and now hundreds of thousands, of people. That's something I couldn't do by helping out in the local community. I'm not that great at public speaking or things like that - but what I am good at is IT. This was the highest impact I could have on the sober community, so I did what I was good at and started these two initiatives back in 2014 and 2015 respectively. 

Besides the high exposure, IT has another huge benefit: data. Don't worry - I don't spy or collect personal data. I'm very against that. The data I'm talking about is statistics. I can, for example, see the amount of downloads my app got on a certain day of a certain year and so forth. It's something I do now and then. I look at the daily downloads for the last thirty days and think about how many people, each with their own unique lives, are interacting with something I created. It's kind of my feel-good thing to do.

Why am I talking about all this? Simple. Data allows me to spot patterns. I could pick this pattern up just by using our community forum, but the data completely confirmed it for me.

Here's my conclusion: for an addict, Mondays are absolutely the WORST.

Downloads spike extremely and the forum buzzes with activity. Don't get me wrong - these are good. It's great that people are trying to break the habit and lead a better life, but obviously Mondays are a very big challenge for addicts.

If you think about it, it sort of makes sense. It's the day after the weekend. What happens on weekends? Rock bottom. It's a sudden realization for many that things are getting out of control and they make that shining decision to change their lives for the better. For others, it's when relapses happen. They do happen most often over the weekends. The story of friends planning a huge birthday party and, even though major temptation would surely be present, simply could not be declined is one that is told too often.

It sounds crazy, but if you haven't hit rock bottom yet, you may just do so at your next weekend party. To those who are clean: beware of the Monday!

Stay strong and sober!

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